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Redesigning Civilience's Community Health for Accessibility
Who is Civilience?
Civilience is a non-profit start-up that builds community in real life, by aligning actions taken by community stakeholders-individuals, government and enterprises. Civilience provides guidance, self awareness and community through its product.
The Task
To evaluate and enhance accessibility on Civilience's first vertical, Community Health. Keeping the budget, software constraints and deadline in mind I would need to prioritize my design decisions.
Context: I joined Civilience as a UX design intern and was introduced to Civilience's Community Health mobile prototype. I was shocked at the amount of accessibility concerns I identified on my first day on the job. I took it upon myself to complete an evaluation of their current prototype and highlight all the problem areas along with recommendations to improve their UI and most importantly, accessibility.

Challenge: Improve UI and accessibility 

Duration: 3 months

My role: UX Designer

My deliverables: UI and Accessibility Audit backed with quantitative research, recommendations, Figma high-fi wireframes, functionality excel sheet with testing.

Team: Founder, UX team of three designers (including myself) and frontend team

A free mobile app that provides users with a screening tool for infectious diseases. This tool helps to align communities, enterprises and their local government with quick, clear guidelines in real-time.
The Goal
I wanted to test the current beta site with real users to be able to measure the success rate for important key user tasks. This would uncover problems, discover opportunities, and learn about user's behavior and preferences.
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