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​ana laura ortiz 

Never ending evolving creative!

Hola! I have been a creative for as long as I can remember. My career iterations have spanned from graphic design to digital arts education to UX/UI design. I love exploring, molding and evolving my creative profession to new heights.

I have always been the type to figure things out, find a solution or improve things. Whether it was a disagreement, something broken, a challenge, inspiration or a life lesson, I managed to always move forward with resilience and determination to find a way to get to my end goal.

This brings me to my "why" in my user experience journey. I combine my visual design witts with my passion to help people and desire to solve problems by creating enjoyable, useful, accessible interactions that bring ease to a person's life.

My passion is in UX/UI and leadership, but I love it all. 

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