I am a Houston based artist and have been experimenting with my creative skills in traditional art and graphic design for the past 14 years. Originally I started creating work as a graphic designer and eventually I started to blend my digital design skills with my traditional art mediums, bringing about a bold and vibrant composite style to my work.  My work can be described as having a modern expressionism, pop art, surreal style, accompanied by formal qualities like line, pattern and color. 


My inspiration as an artist is to visually create work that illustrates the beautiful dance of the invisible energy that surrounds us all. In my work, you will see how I incorporate what I call vibrations of energy through the use of lines and color. I include animals or insects that capture qualities and characteristics of a human being. The Octopus illustrated in “The Comfort Zone” represents a person fearful to leave their known environments and explore the unknown, new or different. “Venturing Out” depicts a curious yet guarded octopus stepping out of its typical environment and into the outside world. “The Unknown” depicts the more confident and eager octopus exploring the unknown of life, ready to grow and thrive. This is a reflection of my growth as an artist, teacher, mother and spiritual being. I hope my work will act as a reminder for people to realize that we are so much more that these physical bodies we embody; to allow ourselves to grow and to be aware of our resisting behavior that holds us back from growing and thriving.


My chosen medium for my work is typically ink, Prisma colors, watercolors and/or acrylic paint. I love to experiment and try new styles, techniques and mediums. I also dabble with photography and currently shoot nature/outdoor and street photography. I still create a variety of graphic design. I am also a full time graphic design teacher. I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston where I received my B.A. in Fine Arts and also completed the Alternative Teacher Certification. I am a qualified Texas EC-12 Art teacher. 



2017 Scholastic Art Educator Award

2017 Visual Arts Scholastic

Event Educator Award

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2020 RAW Artist

2019 & 2020

Ana Laura Ortiz