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Creative Writing

The Artist and the Work

My inspiration for my work comes from self-growth and a strong knowing that we are all here for a purpose. I believe that we all can resonate with this at some point of our life. What we decide to think and do after this knowing is the determining factor to our self-evolution and how close we can fulfil this purpose. Through my personal journey I was able to shift closer and closer to a passion that I hold dearly to my heart, self-growth. Through my experiences in my own self growth, I was able to create art that depicts my story. I created my first series of work which depicts my growth as a human being, mother, artist, and spiritual being. My first written work is called, "The Artist and the Work."

"To be able to create work that expresses my journey and helps shift another's perspective is why I create."

The Beautiful Knowing Octopus

Being a mother of 2 beautiful children and a teacher for 13 years, has inspired me to start my second written work, "The Beautiful Knowing Octopus." Children are a precious part of our lives, even if we have no children. They are our future. To be able to influence them in a positive way is my intention. In this story I share how I was able to find, embrace and own my authentic self. Instilling the value of self-love, self-confidence and self-worth is a huge factor in the unfolding journey of our children's future.


I'm Pretty Much Magic

This is an inspirational book that was written over the course of a year. As I started my spiritual journey, I decided that I wanted to create. I had an impulse to buy sketchbooks and place them everywhere I went, in my car, at work, and at home. As I went about my day, I would write these quite simple yet profound messages or thoughts that helped to get to the next and to the next. Anytime I was having difficulty throughout my day I would flip back and reread my inspirational thoughts that helped me shift to a better place. The purpose of this book is to help shift thoughts to a better and better and better place.

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