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ana laura ortiz

Just like any other artist, I have been creating art since I was a child. Although my inspiration came from my older sister, Martha. I would watch her create illustrations using pencil and paper. Since then, I was determined to become better than her. I practiced and practiced, and my efforts seemed to be working. I had my mother order me  books and materials. I signed up for every art class in school and was inspired to do something creative after high school. I enrolled into the Art Institute of Houston and attended their graphic design program. I graduated in 2009 with my bachelor's degree in fine arts. I worked as a designer for 3 years and then decided to shift to teaching. I taught digital art for 13 years and was able to teach so many students, with so much talent and listen to so many personal journeys. 

     At the age of 36 I came across heavy, impactful, and life-changing contrast in my life. I realized I had a choice. A choice to shift to a better feeling place. A choice to choose to feel better and overcome this hardship. I am so grateful I did. This was the spiritual transformation that has made me who I am now. Inspired to continue my growth and help along the way. Create art that expresses my journey. 

     In the last year I realized I was ready for a new journey in my career. I discovered UX/UI design and fell in love with it. UX practices resonate with a lot of my own personal growth processes, and I get to be creative. I am currently enrolled in the CareerFoundry UX/UI Design course and excited of what is to come. I am expected to graduate in May!  Along with my new passion of ux design I continue to write and create art that depicts my personal journey. Each piece of artwork leads me through a new transition of my life.

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