To teach...what does it mean to teach? 

I started my teaching career in one of the toughest schools in Alief ISD,  an alternative school. This is where the so-called "bad kids" would attend school temporarily for their bad behavior and would be sent back to their main campus once they have proven good behavior. Sound familiar? I was not a fan of this system at all. For students it had become just another temporary thing that they had to deal with. 

For me, I saw this as an opportunity to do my part and help in any way I could. This indeed was a challenge, to teach disadvantaged kids in a low income district, but I was determined. My goal was to provide a safe place for them where they could hopefully decide to create something of their own and be proud of. I spent my first 3 years of my teaching career doing all I could to relate, communicate, gain trust, and most importantly care about these special kids. I appreciate what they taught me and hope that I made a dent in their lives in a positive way. In my third year I knew I had done my part and it was time to transition. 

I continued my teaching career at Elsik High School. Here I had the honor to teach graphic design, art II electronic media, AP 2D portfolio and photography. I was given the opportunity to reach out to a new crowd, a larger crowd who wanted to learn. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the amount of talent. I was eager to start helping them craft their digital drawing skills and guide them through the creative design process. I helped students who were not artists, aspiring artists and very talented artists. Throughout the remainder of my 10 years as an art educator I was able to learn and grow as a teacher and artist. In the last 3 years of my teaching career I became the sponsor of the National Art Honor Society (Art Club) which allowed me to coordinate an array of art projects and events with art students. Many students participated and won top awards for their hard work in various art competitions. I was at home at Elsik High School. 

As the endless, dramatic worldly events started to unfold, I started to shift my perspective on my life, my career. I had discovered my voice as an artist four years ago and was wanting to create and express work for the world around me in the hopes to make a difference. That is when I started my journey into UX/UI design.


Below you will find an array of artwork created by many students throughout my 13 years of teaching.

Digital Art
Self Portrait
Typography Poster
Adobe Illustrator Illustration
Multi-Dimension Self
Digital Art
Faded dreams
Acrylic Painting
Digital Art
Self Expression
Portrait of a Homeless Man
Self Portrait
Yummy Pizza
Self Portrait